Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks to Friends

Jim Kellough, and his wife Eleanor Mills deserve special thanks from me for the times they have saved the bacon at Through This Lens. As recently as last Saturday Jim answered the call to help with the last minute scramble to pull things together just before guests began to arrive. They are both true and generous friends, and I appreciate what they have done many times. When you see pictures on the walls, or information tags, or even table cloths please be aware that it might have been thanks to the hands of those good friends.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bill Pope Wins 2014 Will Grossman Award

Bill Pope wins 2014 Will Grossman Award
Photographer Bill Pope, a regular at the Durham Farmers' Market, and long-time photographer raises his hand as Roylee Duvall announces the Will Grossman Award. This was only part of the award ceremony and opening reception for the 2nd Will Grossman Memorial Photo Competition. As you can see, there was quite a crowd, all excited to hear the winners for 2014.

Thank you to The Grossman family, especially Lynne Grossman, and her friends Rose Mills and her husband along with all the other Grossman family members and friends that help support this event. Let us not forget that the competition was created in order to remember Will Grossman and his devotion to photography, and other arts in the community. More details will be added to our web site soon. Special Thanks for Todd Tinkham for the photo.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bernard Herman's Work in His Own Words

Another video about Dr. Herman's work is now available. This one was created by Todd Tinkham just before the exhibition for went on display at Through This Lens, and has been shown several times at the gallery. The entire video is just over 7 minutes and can be seen by clicking on this link: target="_blank"
You will still need to visit Through This Lens to really appreciate the photographs, and we hope you will be even more interested after having watched this short film.

With Todd Tinkham's help, we plan to offer more videos about future events and artist's statements. Your comments are welcome.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

On-line video about Bernard Herman's photos + Will Grossman Memorial Photo Competition

Patricia Murray came by today for a short video interview asking me about the work by Dr. Bernard Herman, on display through April 5, 2014. Ms. Murray also asked about the Will Grossman Memorial Photo Competition. While few like to listen to themselves, or look at photos of themselves, I hope you will take a peek at this video. You can find it at TV Skywriter, It will provide some background on Dr. Herman's work, and information about the Will Grossman Competition. Haircut aside, please tell me what you think.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Changes to Website

In the spirit of promoting art and "A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships" our web site has just been updated to include a Google map to the gallery, and a link for a second map to all the currently recognized arts venues in the downtown Durham area. Please take a look at:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mardi Gras Visits Through This Lens

Artist Eleanor Mills in front of her work
Photographer Eleanor Mills stopped in several times to meet with visitors and discuss her work - currently on display in the main gallery. Late in the day, just before the Mardi Gras parade in downtown Durham Eleanor stopped in again, but now dressed for the occasion.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ernest Oliphant - Another Artist Gone

Ernest Oliphant, artist, drawing from life at Through This Lens gallery
Ernest Drawing at Through This Lens
I just heard that Ernest Oliphant has died.

Though he was not a photographer, he was one of the first, and most consistent visitors to Through This Lens. Ernest had a number of health issues over the years but was a very cheery person who spent much of his time drawing. His drawings were like over sized calling cards, and he would leave a new one at almost every visit. I believe it was his way of saying thank you for the friendship that he found around town.