Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Works & Art Walk Report

exArt Walk Weekend - April 18 & 19, 2009 brought fabulous weather and more than 900 visitors to Through This Lens.

Works displayed here for the first time included 3 framed black & white prints by John Rosenthal, 2 b&w prints by Bruce Roberts - Elvis in 1956, and the famous "Suzy" from the early 1960s. Peter Armenia showed 3 Cibachrome prints along with a small selection of his greeting cards. We plan to show more of Mr. Armenia's work in November/December of 2009. Gene Furr, former N&O head photographer and prize winner, had 2 color nature scenes on the wall and several more in our print browser bins. Henry Greene loaned us 2 color prints from his India series - one in particular has a very strong graphic appeal.

One special note: We had one new image by Ami Vitale - a palladium print entitled "Eyes". It was hand-coated, and printed for her by Frank Hunter, and signed and numbered by Ms. Vitale. If you visit her web site,, "Eyes" is the lead image once the flash intro loads. This is also the first numbered and limited print issued by her. The print on display has been sold, but we can get another if you want to add to your collection. The edition is limited to 50 prints in this format.

In addition to the works and artists mentioned above, we also showed work by Jean-Christian Rostagni, Ami Vitale, Luke Powell, D.L. Anderson and more. This work will be on display through April 25th, but may be viewed by appointment after that date.