Friday, March 16, 2018

More Ami Vitale News

The BBC website is one of my favorite news and culture sources. Today I noticed "A Life Devoted to Photography" with a person in panda costume holding a baby panda. My first thought was Ami! You may know that she has spent a lot of time with pandas in China over the past few years, and a selection of her panda photographs were published in National Geographic a few months ago. Once I clicked on the link: my hopes were confirmed with the story about her. There are many images from around the world which Phil Cooms, BBC Picture Editor calls "...exquisitely beautiful...."If you don't already agree, I think you will once you've read the article or check out her web site at Through This Lens has quite a good selection of signed prints of Ami's work. Please ask to see them on your next visit.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ami Vitale photo included in World Press Photo Awards

I ran across an article in the Washington Post web site with several award winning photographs. In browsing through the group, I recognized one that had a familiar look. Follow this link to the article of you can see Ami's photo via this link:

Ami has had two formal exhibitions at Through This Lens, and we generally display a few of her signed prints throughout the year. If you are curious please ask to see her work the next time you visit the gallery - or phone us for more information.