Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Changes in 2012

Good readers: The holidays seem to have distracted me from blogging - but with the new year, I am back on task. This week is your last chance to enjoy the Kevin Logghe exhibition: Object to Image - running through Saturday afternoon. We often keep work on the walls a few days after the official closing date, but not this time. Monday morning will be wall moving time! With the help of a couple of friends the entire gallery will be rearranged. This is partly to prepare for our first exhibition of 2o12: Will Grossman's classic work of Durham in the early 1970s. We have shown his work several years ago, but given the ever-changing nature of the Triangle area, many of our visitors will not have seen Mr. Grossman's evocative images.

Keep your eyes open, and be ready for some significant changes to Through This Lens. Besides our new look there will be new services, classes, workshops, more talks and demonstrations. Please share your ideas if there is something you would like us to offer. I'm in a changing mood.