Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Preview our new exhibition!

Underneath the Underwing
photographs by Goodloe Suttler

Come preview our new exhibition of photographs by Goodloe Suttler, who uses magnified formal portraits to capture the striking beauty of moths and butterflies. His images are visually stunning, starkly contrasting his subjects against a black background, and exposing wing scales and colors unseen by the naked eye. Suttler's attention t detail and appreciation of the beauty of his subjects seamlessly blends science and art, the formal and the organic: his images satisfy our rational curiosity, and provide deeper fulfillment by allowing our eyes to create moments of pure wonder in our minds.

Preview: August 13 - 20
Opening reception: Saturday August 21, 2010 6-8pm
Admission is FREE and refreshments will be provided

*image: EUPHRAEDA SP (Magenta with black markings) Africa, (copyright) Goodloe Suttler