Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is Salon Display Disrespectful?

Given that we've never tried this, I'm curious to know how you feel about salon style exhibitions - the format is quite old, and essentially, lots of work is displayed in a somewhat random fashion. Not the popular and common single row of images at eye level, salon displays have many rows of work and many sizes intermixed. I won't be surprised to hear complaints about lack of respect for the work - and we will surely return to the norm soon enough. For the next two weeks when you visit Through This Lens chaos is the operative display strategy. You will, however, see more work, and more variety than ever before.

Tell Me How You Think of Photography

A new year – a good time for a new direction: 
While I read ideas, opinions and technique daily I’m never settled about what photography is, or should be. This is odd in the respect that a gallerist is expected to make statements – but I search, observe and wonder.  Please tell me how you view photography. Do you believe in the journalistic perspective and/or in craft? Do you see, or appreciate  value in the artist-made print? Is pictorialism really a hundred years dead, or just represented with contemporary images? Do we need to make prints with all the screens around us? What about film? What about The Impossible Project?

Through This Lens has shown many variations of photography, and that has been part of my exploration of the medium. Please share your opinions and ideas, and ask your friends to post their ideas here too. If you have an idea for an exhibition please tell me. I’m always looking for something more, something different, or something new.