Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Workshop Success - Neither Rain, Nor Snow, etc.

Photographers can be a hearty lot - Snow, freezing roads, slush, ice-cold rain - all pretty unpleasant stuff, but for the two workshops held at Through This Lens presented by Margo Taussig Pinkerton and Arnold Zann AKA Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures - or Margo and Arnie as they are less formally known - the weather was barely a hindrance. I had memories of those three consecutive big snows when I was seven years old, that kept me out of the second grade for nearly two weeks. Those were only memories, and the recent weather was not a show stopper for the dynamic teaching duo. In fact, Sunday, January 27th, the students spent the morning at Duke Gardens shooting the frosty remnants of the snow and ice. After a couple of hours with their cameras, they returned to the gallery to edit and share their work during a compassionate but honest critique.

These were serious photo workshops and serious students. The presentations and activities were very well organized. The students came from as far away as Cincinnati. I've spent the past 20 years teaching various computer applications, yet I gained a lot from sitting in, between customers and other gallery duties. If you were not able to attend, please take a look at Margo and Arnie's web site and consider one of their workshops. You'll work hard, and be happy that you did.

For Margo and Arnie, it was their first time teaching in the Triangle area. They have not previously held their Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures workshops any closer than the Outer Banks of North Carolina - which also happens to be the subject of the current exhibition at the Through This Lens. If you want to see it, The Yin and Yang of the Outer Banks, then stop in by March 2nd. You can also see all the images in small format by going to http://www.throughthislens.com/barefootcontessa/barefootcontessa.html and clicking through the links underneath each pair of Margo and Arnie's photographs.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Call for Entries in Remembrance of a Friend

Will Grossman was a personal friend, but for those of you not acquainted with him, he was a strong supporter of photography, a community activist, and many other commendable things. His friends and family want to remember him with more than praise and flowers so they put together a fund to support an annual photo event in his name: The Will Grossman Annual Photo Competition. This year is the first time for the event and I hope that all of you in the RTP community will consider taking part. Details can be found on the Through This Lens web site at: http://www.throughthislens.com/grossmanphotocompetition.html

Even if you are not an active photographer, or live outside the Triangle area, please help spread the word. This event has photography, friendship and love at its heart.