Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carter and Earley Reveal Secrets

Catharine Carter and Lawrence Earley spoke about their work Sunday afternoon. A revealing session, Ms. Carter noted that her work had become a sort of visual "journaling" to record her feelings and thoughts - and every image had a story behind it. She also mentioned how the misfortune of having her film cameras stolen during a trip had forced her to become more familiar with her digital equipment. While she continues to work in the darkroom, even exploring more hand-crafted processes, the body of work currently on display was printed by her on her Epson printer.

Mr. Earley, Larry to his friends, recounted experiences of interviewing boat owners and fishermen of the North Carolina coast. Much of his work has been shot on 4x5 film, though he sometimes other formats. His silver-gelatin prints are finely crafted and serve his subjects well. It was a pleasure to hear both of these artists reveal their thoughts and motivations behind their work.

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