Monday, May 7, 2012

Douglas Prince Describes His Process

Last Saturday evening, May 5th, Douglas Prince gave an informal talk about his work currently on display at Through This Lens. Given the very rainy evening, the event was well attended. This is a telling exhibition, showing examples of layered and combined images over a 40 year progression. There are examples of gelatin-sliver "blends" made from multiple b&w negatives in a traditional darkroom setting, "photo sculptures" in literal layers of film, inside acrylic boxes, and finally, combined images from the computer age of art. This selection of a prolific artist affords some insight into how images can change, but the core ideas endure through new techniques and materials.

This is the first time we have committed to a summer-long show. Douglas Prince:Images and Imagination runs through mid-August, 2012 - but don't put off your visit too long. Time has a habit of slipping away.

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