Monday, September 17, 2012

Jim Haberman Exhibition to Open

from Into the Holy Lands (c) Jim Haberman
Into the Holy Lands, an exhibition of photographs by Jim Haberman, will open on 3rd Friday, September 21st. In respect of religious holy days the artist's reception will be held Sunday afternoon, September 23rd. 

I hope that you will visit sometime soon, even if you are not able to attend Mr. Haberman's Sunday reception.

This week the gallery will be going though a typical period of transition. A little painting and touch-up will happen as we get the new show ready. You might notice that I've switched to plural, and that is because Jill Javier, a valued assistant, has returned to work part time for the next few months.

For those of you not directly familiar with preparing a new exhibition, you might be surprised at how many details need attention. Think of putting together a special dinner for your extended family and close friends. Remember all the lists, considerations, and trips to the grocery that are needed - and of course last minute attention to details nearly forgotten... So our week will be spent, not in the kitchen, but at the keyboard, or on the floor, paintbrush in hand. At some point the prints will have arrived, the wall tags will have been printed and mounted, all the PR will have gone out, and by some miracle everything will have come together by 6 pm on Friday.

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